We treat each client as unique.

Albanian Travel and Hospitality Services was established in 1993, at a time of political upheaval in the nation’s history. The communist system had just collapsed and the terrain was ripe for unprecedented investment. It was in this particular milieu that ATHS was established in the beginning as an outbound service, sending Albanians for the first time in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

The years of transition have proved challenging for ATHS, especially because companies and suppliers were still getting their feet wet amidst the unpredictability of the new system. COVID proved rough but ATHS was able to withstand the catastrophe imposed on the tourism sector at large. Despite the challenges, ATHS has superseded every one of them.

Recognizing the new interest in Albanian tourism, ATHS wishes to latch on to an opportunity that is time-sensitive at its core. The recent influx of tourists in Albania serves as a sort of mirror reflection of the post br-communist era, where the new has just arrived and one must seize the opportunity precisely because it is certain change will come and a new order is going be established. We hope that our position as a top inbound tour operator will be established as it has been in the past as a top outbound operator.

Albanian Travel & Hospitality Services

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Tirana, Albania