Albania Teaser Tour Two

Day 1

AIRPORT-TIRANA. Visit TIRANA: National Museum of History showing Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Independence, Iconography, National Liberation Anti-Fascism War, Communist Terror, and Mother Teresa. Continue with Scanderbeg Square, Scanderbeg Monument and Et’hem Bey Mosque founded at the end of 18th century. Clock Tower was built in 1822 as a monument of culture of the first category, Palace of Culture that was built over the previous Old Bazaar of Tirana and the first brick was put by former Soviet president Nikita Hrushov on June 3, 1959. This building has significant elements from the Palace of Congress in Rome and the building of Finland Station in St. Petersburg. ACCOMMODATION IN TIRANA

Day 2

TIRANA-SHKODËR-THETH. Eat breakfast before driving to Shkodër. Shkodra is a cultural hub in Albania, especially because it was an important city for the Albanian Renaissance. Writers like Ndre Mjeda, Migjeni, and Ernest Koliqi were from Shkodra. Its name under the Illyrian tribes of the Ardiani and Labeati was Scodra. At 168 BCE, the Romans conquered the city and the city transformed into an important military and commercial thoroughfare. Upon arrival visit Mesi Bridge, a few kilometres away from Shkodër. It is one of the largest Ottoman bridges in the region. Then continue to the Rozafa Castle, a thousands of year-old monument raised on a rocky hill. Surface area of 9 hectares. Historian Tit Livi called it “strongest site” of the Labeati tribe. A dearth of legends on the construction of the castle exist, but the most accepted motif is that of self-sacrifice and immurement. Visit Lake of Shkodra National Park, the biggest lake of the Balkan Peninsula, consisting of a diversity of habitats. The natural changes of water levels ensure the survival of many types of plants and animals. Afterwards travel to Theth, where we will enjoy natural beauty and do a hiking tour and see the waterfall, Theth Blue Eye, and many mountains. After the hiking tour we will eat dinner at the hotel, where we will relax under the stars of a physically active day. ACCOMMODATION IN THETH

Day 3

THETH- DURRËS-KRUJË. Eat breakfast and after visit Theth Church, built in the nineteenth century. Afterwards, drive to Durrës. Upon arrival visit the amphitheatre and castle of Durrës. The amphitheatre was built in 117-138 after the common era during Roman Emperor Ardian’s rule. The Amphitheatre would hold 16,000 – 20,000 people and was in the shape of an ellipsis with a diameter of 136 metres and a height of 20 m. The castle of Durrës is composed of two parts; the upper castle and the lower castle. After city tour of Durrës, travel to Cape of Rodon and admire the breathtaking seaside beauty as well as revel in the history of the Castle of Scanderbeg, built around 1451-1452, which was taken under custody of the Venetians at the onset of the Ottoman Invasion. Travel to Kruja to learn more about the figure of Scanderbeg. After visiting the museum in Kruja, drive to Tirana. Free time in the evening for tourists to have a beer at a local bar or enjoy a walk in the city. ACCOMMODATION IN TIRANA

Day 4


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